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Main Line: 800-780-7446
Main Line: 727-541-5573

Sales: International HQ

Will Griffin......3032

Joe Russell......3059

Rick Incorvia......3023

Mike Vogel......3033

David White......3036

Ft.Myers/Naples Office:

Beth Renfro..239-207-8621

Sarasota Office:

Carrol Young 727-431-2578

Service & Installation:

Tim Wight......3041

Office Manager:

Dana Grey......3035

Project Management:

Danielle Grey.....3021

Customer Service:

Toni Sherman......3049


Owen Barnitz......3042

Pawel Kadaj......3057


Dana Grey......3035

Linda LaBonte......3031

ILM Light Boxes:

Jennifer Griffin......3034


Jeff Hoag......3037

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Every sign International Sign creates, is built and certified by all state and local code as well as the highest met labs certifications. As a licensed sign company

International Sign is a very price competitive sign manufacturer

that offers award winning sign design and manufacturing capabilities at a very affordable cost to your business. Anywhere on the west coast of Florida, from Ocala to Orlando, to Marco Island, and everything inside that area International Sign can meet or beat any reputable offer on any sign, so why not go with the confidence and peace of mind you get by using a state licensed sign contractor? Do you really want to risk the future of your business and your investment on anything less? Give us a call today, one of our experienced sign sales managers would be happy to show you how International Sign can give you exactly the sign and the look you demand, at a very affordable cost. It's why we always say:
"Why Risk It?" (click to learn more).

International Sign also offers over 100 years of combined sign installation and sign repair services. Our licensed installation and repair crews are factory trained on the latest in sign technologies and are capable of installing or repairing any sign in any location in west central Florida. International Sign has a large receiving dock and is fully capable of working as a sub contractor installer on national package rollouts or rebrands. Our installation and repair crews are courteous, efficient and professional on the job site, working hard to insure you are happy with your new sign installation or rebrand. The sales team at International Sign would be happy to talk to you about your sign installation or repair services needs.

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Welcome to International Sign

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